Other Types of Construction

As a Commercial General Contractor, we at Modular Concepts, Inc. have the capability and the experience to fulfill other types of construction such as commercial remodel, railroad tie barricade wall construction, asphalt parking lot repairs and installing High Efficiency VRF HVAC Systems

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Our Pre-Engineered Metal Building Structures are manufactured by industry leading national companies in manufacturing steel structures.  These buildings are designed and engineered for use in a variety of applications and can be erected in any part of the country and are designed will all applicable building codes.   Similar to our Commercial Modular Buildings, our Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings arrive at the job site ready to be erected.  All of the metal components are manufactured off-site and once the erection starts, in only a matter of days the metal building structure will be complete.

Site Development

Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete turn-key construction project.  In many instances, there are other components of the project that are integral in the completion of the project such as dirt work, foundations, flat work, site utilities, and parking to name a few.  At Modular Concepts, Inc., we are prepared to design and construct all aspects of your construction project.

Commercial Modular Buildings

Our Commercial Modular Buildings are sectional pre-fabricated buildings that are manufactured in a plant and then delivered to the customer in one or more complete modular sections.  These units are typically constructed in an enclosed facility where poor environmental factor are nota allowed to hinder the construction timeline.  Contrary to traditional construction practices, commercial modular building construction is a very cost effective and timely venue for quality production.

Modular building construction has many advantages over conventional site-built construction and offers several significant advantages:

       -Shorter Construction Time     -Reduced Site Disruption     -Financial Savings     -Flexibility of Use     -More Consistent Quality


The success of Modular Concepts, Inc. as a Design-build General Contractor is derived largely from our team of experienced professionals and our commitment to excellence in providing quality, efficient, and productive construction projects.  With many years of experience in the architectural and engineering fields, our projects follow the latest applicable codes to all of our building and site development projects and we offer full set of designed professionally sealed drawings.  As a member of the International Code Council and Modular Building Institute, MCI is proactive in implementing the latest codes and building principles for all of our projects.

  Pre-Engineered Metal Building

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